Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Writerockstar?

Writerockstar is a revolutionary AI writing platform that helps you create SEO-friendly content to boost organic traffic to your website on Google. Through its precise placement of keywords, internal links, and external links, you can exponentially increase your website's visibility, sales, and revenue by creating content 10x faster.

Can Writerockstar be used for free?

Yes! Writerockstar offers a complimentary trial of free words that provides you with the opportunity to test out the AI platform. You don't need to provide any credit card information to make use of the free trial. If you are part of a large business, agency, or enterprise, our customer support team can give you access to more free words.

If, after utilizing the free trial, you choose to not continue with the AI writing platform, Writerockstar will give you a full refund within seven days of subscribing.

Take advantage of Writerockstar's free trial and explore the AI writing capabilities for yourself.

Which languages does Writerockstar provide?

We offer over 25 languages in addition to English.


Here is a list of languages we currently support:


sq Albanian

ar Arabic

bn Bangali

bg Bulgarian

zh Chinese

cs Czech

en English

fr French

de German

he Hebrew

hi Hindi

hu Hungarian

it Italian

ja Japanese

pl Polish

pt Portuguese

ro Romanian

ru Russian

sk Slovak

es Spanish

sv Swedish

th Thai

tr Turkish

uk Ukrainian

ur Urdu

vi Vietnamese

yo Yoruba

If you would like us to add any other language, please contact us at


Do I need to commit to a long-term agreement?

No, if you are paying every month, you can cancel at any moment. We will examine requests for refunds on an individual basis for yearly plans and you can make these requests via our customer service staff. Accordingly, there is no need to enter into a long-term contract.

What is the copyright status of the content generated?

You own all the content that is created in your Writerockstar account. It can be used for any purpose, both personal and business related. Writerockstar does not possess any rights to the content in your account.

You own all the content that is created in your Writerockstar account. It can be used for any purpose, both personal and business related. Writerockstar does not possess any rights to the content in your account.

Writerockstar's AI is designed to assess billions of parameters (nearly 10% of the web). The AI's programming allows it to comprehend the details of grammar, punctuation, and design to generate content that is completely unique. As a result, almost always (99%), the content produced is completely unique and not plagiarised.

Who is Writerockstar for?

Writerockstar is ideal for anyone who is in need of content, from marketers and entrepreneurs to agencies and students. Writing skill is not a requirement as Writerockstar's AI-generated, SEO-optimized content is used by thousands of professional writers, too. It is a great way to come up with new ideas, save time, and become more productive in turn, leading to increased revenue.


What sort of templates and features does Writerockstar provide?

Writerockstar is an AI writing platform that is full of a number of unique templates and features that make it stand out:


1. Create content that is optimized for search engine ranking such as blog posts, essays, and articles.

2. The Paraphrasing tool (also known as the Paraphraser or Rewording tool) enables you to restructure any sentence, paragraph, or even full article quickly. It can likewise be utilized as a sentence rewriter, paragraph rewriter, and article rewriter.

3. Make advertisements that are optimized for conversion, such as PPC (Pay-per-click) adverts for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. In addition to ad copy generators, social media content generators such as those for Instagram captions, Twitter tweets, Linkedin posts, YouTube titles, Facebook posts, and Quora answers are also widely used.

4. Ready-made templates, such as resume templates, cover letter templates, resignation letter templates, invoice templates, meme templates, business plan templates, and various other useful templates, can also be found.


Does Writerockstar offer an AI Art Creator?

Indeed, Writerockstar's Free AI Art Creator (ArtRockstar) makes it easy to generate eye-catching visuals from your text prompts. All you need to do is enter a text prompt and ArtRockstar will produce a stunning visual based on your input. With ArtRockstar, you are only limited by your imagination, so go ahead and give it a go!

Can the generated content be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, you have the right to use the created content for personal and commercial purposes.